The cosmetic industry is undoubtedly one of the most profit making industries in the world. Any cosmetic is a chemical substance that is applied externally o the body. It does not affect the internal functioning of your body. However, in the long run, the effects of chemical makeups have seemed to be troublesome to skin and hair. Any makeup on the face can pass through the pores of the face and get into your body in very minute quantities each time it is applied. When makeups are administered frequently, then, there seems to be a problem. In the long run, using of chemical compounds, can bring dis-coloration to the face, cause allergy and can lead to skin cancer. With the luring advertisements, you tend to fall for chemical compounds each time. But natural products are catching on. What is there is an alternative to keep your skin healthy in the long run?

Go for natural makeups.

If you want to look beautiful without looking made up? Go for natural makeups. Natural makeups come with a lot of advantages than your artificial cosmetics. It does not damage your skin and hair in any way. They are environmentally friendly and produced using natural substances. For instance, lipsticks can be made using berries (or some seeds of berries). They provide the required enhancement to the lips. Soaps and moisturizers are made using the extracts of fruits and vegetables. Flower essence maybe extracted to make perfumes. Other earthly materials like clay, mica, wax, starch etc. are used in face masks. The advantage of natural makeups is that they beautify your skin in the long run without any ill effects. Natural makeups are best for sensitive skin and come free of any irritants, otherwise present in all synthetic makeups.

Check the company.


Always check with the company and ingredients before you make the purchase. There arise chances of getting cheated. Many company’s offer products, claiming it is natural. You need to check for how natural the products are, before the purchase. Check if the product has a USDA clarification.

Top natural makes up brands.

1) RMS beauty.

It is heard the organic makeup brand RMS beauty can be good enough to eat! All the ingredients used in the product are natural and beneficial. The process of manufacture avoids any form of heat to the products. Their metallic cream is the most popular product. They keep the body well hydrated. Coconut oil, Cocoa butter seed, jojoba seed oil, etc. are some of the other famous products.

2) Josie Maran.

All the products of Josie Maran use Argan oil. It is their primary ingredient. The Argan colour stick has excellent reviews and is wholly natural. All their products are long lasting and stay on the skin for a long time.